On the shopping carts when you look at music, there are figures; they are donation suggestions only… When you send money, it all goes to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ… When you send money, it's a way for you to be a part of the old-time way of evangelism: to go into all the world telling people about Jesus. Consider helping us today, as others have… Ministry is not something that can be done by ourselves very well, but with the combined help of people who love what we do, we can pour into God's kingdom and perhaps reach people like in South Africa, or Sweden, maybe New Guinea… or right here in the USA with the stories that they will want to hear over and over again…

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We Rely On Your Support

We invite you to partner with us and support music evangelism, not just here but around the world. The easiest way to support Bruce Sechrest’s music is through ordering a CD, USB, or digital download of the album.

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