Fairhavens Well USB – 2 Album Set


Partner with us and receive both albums “Connect The Dots” and “Water From The Well”

Receive both albums, 12 songs.


Connect the Dots

  • It Was The Cross
  • Whatever It Takes
  • A Broken Prayer
  • When You Look At Me
  • The Prodigal’s Brother
  • One Drop Of Blood Became A River


Water From The Well

  • Rise Again
  • Mind Of My Spirit
  • He Saw Me
  • God You Can Break Me
  • Fill My Cup Lord
  • The Healer


It’s important for the reader or listener to know a few things about what we do…


We do not sell music, and everything you see or hear on here is free. We offer music to people we don’t know, and in our music, we only try to do three things:

1. Tell them who Jesus is.
2. Tell them what He did when He came here.
3. What’s in that for them.

We do the work of an evangelist. I’m told that is a dying breed of a person used by churches. It’s being told we don’t need that kind of person anymore… Singing about Jesus, singing about heaven, singing the old songs aren’t necessary. I disagree and don’t listen to that kind of talk, true or not… One day I will have to stop doing this, but that is not today… I know my calling and it’s doing this even if it’s going alone. I don’t know hardly any people who visit this site, but I know there is a hunger for the Word of God through music. So, that is why Fairhavens Well is established: to tell the story of Jesus that will draw you closer to Him instead of making you look at something else. It’s just that you should know who I know and what He has done for you… past, present, and future.

We Rely On Your Support

We invite you to partner with us and support music evangelism, not just here but around the world. The easiest way to support Bruce Sechrest’s music is through ordering a CD, USB, or digital download of the album.

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