Rise Again

Dallas Holm wrote the song, Rise Again. I think its important that when a person listens to this song that they understand where the song came from in 1973.

Lindsay Terry had an interview with Dallas about the story behind how the song came to being. The following is a what Lindsay had to say about that interview.

“During an interview with Dallas, several years ago, I asked him to share with me the story behind the writing of “Rise Again.” Following, in his own words, is his story:

“While traveling with Evangelist David Wilkerson, I decided to form a praise band. I realized that I would need to write some new material. I knew that the music should be different from the things I had often written. I had a disciplined approach to songwriting and have written some of my better songs in that frame of mind. But this particular day I couldn’t come up with a single idea.”

I began to pray, which I should have done in the first place, and in the course of my praying I remember saying, ‘Lord, if you were singing, what would you sing?’ That thought really stuck in my mind. I didn’t know if I had ever heard a song from a first-person point of view. As hokey as it may sound, I had this mental image of the Lord, dressed as we often picture him in our minds, standing on a street corner with a guitar, singing. It was as if you could translate Jesus into modern times, with singing as his form of communication. What would he sing?”

“As soon as I focused in on that approach to my task, I began to write as if I were taking dictation. I wrote the music and the words in about 10 minutes – no changes. I titled it ‘Rise Again.'”

At the interview ended he concluded “As I finished writing the song, I realized that this didn’t come out of my head. I have often said that God wrote the song, and I only delivered the message.”

Now It’s been almost 46 years later since Dallas recorded this song and so I decided to send it around again putting my spin on it…

The message is clear Jesus is coming back for all of us and we need to be ready. In this song, that was sent from God. He coming again. We need to be ready.