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Bruce Sechrest is a musical Evangelist. Founder of the non-profit music publishing house Fairhaven's Well. Bruce's goal is to help people with the messages in his music.

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A lot has been written about the Prodigal and his father.. Almost everyone has heard the story and  we all identify it seems with the person who has drifted away from God and wants to come home.

Once I heard this song I realized there was much more to this story.. There was that Prodigal who had a brother. That guy had never left home, he was taking care of business, he was there for his father, he ran things at the house and most of all had been found to be dedicated and faithful to his father.

Now here comes that no count brother of his and he is watching his dad, literally go crazy because this no count has shown up after he had squandered all the money on a good time and wrecked his life, not only that he wanted his dad to bail him out and do it with the brothers money.


So how would you act? Have you seen this before? Maybe you’re the prodigal ,, but maybe you’re the brother.

Can anyone take what God has for you?? Can they??

Most people’s problem is you have and I don’t… I should have this over someone else.   Where do bad feelings come from?  Why do we have them? Are we open to open up and unpack them?  Just what is the real issue here

Do you really believe that God has your best interest and that He has unlimited riches and unlimited grace, love and forgiveness..

The prayer for you today is that God will take His unlimited riches, His unlimited and unmerited favor, and give them to you to accomplish His purpose in this life.

Hear the song, and the message about the Prodigal and his Brother

Click The Image To Listen To “The Prodigal’s Brother”

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