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Bruce Sechrest is a musical Evangelist. Founder of the non-profit music publishing house Fairhaven's Well. Bruce's goal is to help people with the messages in his music.

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I don’t know how many times I have laid my head down to sleep and started praying and fell asleep before I could finish. 

I would wake up thinking I wonder if God understood…. 

There have been times in my life that I prayed to God for forgiveness and telling Him that I am sorry, and I would not do that anymore… Just to wake up and start dong that same thing all over again…

I have felt bad because there have been days that I thought about praying to God just to get busy, I thought about it but that was all I did..

On to the prayers at meal time, when I just did it out of habit…

I should of course talk about the times I am broken and coming to Him, not feeling good about myself at all… needing forgiveness.

Then there was the prayers that made no sense at all and were not in my best interest…

Prayer life can be a mess and when you think about it and God having to hear prayers from all kinds of people and its just bits and pieces for Him to listen to.

The people who pray only when they are in trouble… only when they want something. When there is no other choice or solution is pray…

I think He hears it all… and is glad we seek Him no matter the reason… He loves us when we pray to Him…He is our father, our shield , our protector, and most of all friend…

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