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Bruce Sechrest is a musical Evangelist. Founder of the non-profit music publishing house Fairhaven's Well. Bruce's goal is to help people with the messages in his music.

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In 1863 William P Mackay wrote this song. Later John J Husband put it to music.

The song came from Psalms 85.6 “Wilt Thou not revive us again, that thy people may rejoice in thee?”

This is not the first time those words, like this, were used to set in motion a movement in people.  About 500 years ago Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation by nailing 95 theses to the church doors in Wittenberg Germany. Setting off the revival of all time in church history.

Guess he felt like he was writing the words of God on the heart of the church doors. God is love! Jesus died for the world but more that, He died for you!

So, there is a lot to the words of this song, more power that is still available to overcome what we face today. 

To be set free to say… We praise thee oh God, for the spirit of Light, who has shown us our Savior and has scattered our night!

You see being saved by grace plus nothing, minus nothing is the way my friend. John 3:16

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