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Bruce Sechrest is a musical Evangelist. Founder of the non-profit music publishing house Fairhaven's Well. Bruce's goal is to help people with the messages in his music.

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That Sunday morning in 1955, I was five years old, sitting in church between my Mom and Dad.

My Dad was a preacher and an upholsterer. He covered and stretched fabric on furniture for a living. 

That strong hand on my knee making me sit still or else, the big squeeze on the leg.

I remember taking my hand on my Dad’s thumb and peeling it back from my leg and pushing him to the side.

I remember crawling over Him and walking down to the front of the Church and getting on my knees to accept Christ.

All I knew was, I wanted to meet Jesus that morning.

I heard Old Preacher Bill say “Don’t you want to be saved today?”

I heard my door open that day… I felt His call; I knew it was for me.

That day, was, the day, that God saved me.


It’s been over sixty-five years later. I now realize that all of the sin I would do, happened after that day he saved me. I have let that stop me from doing what I was called to be but for today, I am going to not let that work against me anymore.

Grace walked up to Sin one day and asked Sin, Is that your best? Is that your worst? Is that your most awful, most powerful?  Sin never got a chance to speak. Grace just blinked and Sin was vaporized to be no more. “Where sin abounds, grace doth that much more abound”

I have come to realize that Grace is the most powerful thing in the Universe… and it’s all about His imputed righteousness for me and you as well.

I am saved by God’s grace, nothing more, and nothing less. He is worthy. This song is for me but it’s for you as well…

What say ye?

Listen To You’re Still Lord

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