About “Glory Road”

It was Christmas time in Nashville Indiana. I walked into an old antique store downtown. I heard this song playing. It just came to me out of nowhere, the rhythm.  I could not hear the

About “Oh I Want To See Him”

Now, I had to go way back in the library of music to find this medley…how about 1787? Then to 1916 and make a medley…Oh i want to see him… and On Jordan’s stormy Banks…

About “Goodbye World Goodbye”

It was in 1970; Hugo, Betty Lou, Norma Jean, Elaine, and I had been invited to a church for homecoming. We were a small church Gospel group that had never been out to sing much.

About “You’re Still Lord”

That Sunday morning in 1955, I was five years old, sitting in church between my Mom and Dad. My Dad was a preacher and an upholsterer. He covered and stretched fabric on furniture for a

About “When We Step Inside The Gates”

In 2015 I was driving down the road one day in my car and this song came on the radio. I liked the song so well that I began to research where it came from.

How Did We Get Our Name and Ministry Vision to do Music Online

The old church Fairhavens Baptist Church was started, in High Point North Carolina,  in the late 60ies in an old seventh Day Adventist school building and it was there I learned about the spirit of God

A Little Bit About Fairhavens Well Publishing

CROSSROADS TEAM JOINS WITH FAIRHAVENS WELL PUBLISHING AND BRUCE SECHREST Back Row: David Johnson, Tony Creasman, Jeff Collins, Tyler Sechrest, Patrick Case Front Row: Bruce Sechrest Founder of Fairhavens Well Publishing. Scott Barnette Music Evangelist

We Rely On Your Support

We invite you to partner with us and support music evangelism, not just here but around the world. The easiest way to support Bruce Sechrest’s music is through ordering a CD, USB, or digital download of the album.